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Aggregate Project

   What is AGGREGATE?
Raw materials that are produced from natural sources and extracted from pits and quarries, including gravel, crushed stone, and sand. When used with a binding medium, like water, cement, and asphalt, they are used to form compound materials, such as asphalt concrete and Portland cement concrete.

The White Mountain Apache Tribe was awarded a grant through the Division of Transportation with the BIA Division of Energy and Mineral Development (DEMD). That provides funding to identify and develop resources for sand and gravel.
This gives the tribe access to knowledge of their energy and mineral resources. So that their resources can be developed in an environmentally acceptable manner; and bring tribal energy and mineral projects to the point where economic benefits can be realized from their resources. 


 The goal of this project is to evaluate the existing aggregate sources and identify new aggregate sources for highway construction and maintenance activities.

       The objectives of this project are:

  •  Identify and evaluate the existing aggregate sources available for construction and maintenance.

  •  Identify and evaluate the development potential of undeveloped aggregate deposits for use in construction and maintenance.

  •  Determine the means by which these sources could be accessed and used.

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